The Case For Interning at Tech Startups

Why bother

1. You can do big things

  • Build a resource management server that automatically monitors, creates, and deletes our production Azure virtual machines and disks - by myself
  • Revamp the backend webserver (the backbone that ties everything Fractal together) and most of its endpoints
  • Redesign the schema for our main Postgresql database (and I was trusted with admin privileges)
  • Set up a Heroku continuous integration pipeline, which contains our production and staging servers
  • Design and build parts of our landing page, admin dashboard, and mail system

2. You can broaden your skillset

One of the interns, Isabelle, also got to put her design skills to use by making banners for the website 🌐

3. You’re in the loop

4. The people are awesome

We had a company social where Ming couldn’t figure out how to add honey to water

A few things I learned

The DM that started everything
I got to build the careers page of the website; here’s what you need to get hired, according to the placeholder job descriptions



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